Integral solutions of Pumping for the home, commerce, agriculture and Industry


Know the ample range of pumps sizes for applications in the industry. Everything what you require for your flowed processes of pumping of with the best marks of the market.


Consult our line of submersible Pumps for home, agricultural, industrie for waters  clean and wastewater.


Centrifugal pumps with frontal suction of a step, closed impeller, mechanical seal of discharge and low pressure.


We counted on pumps and groups of pressure for your home.

The pressurized water systems equipment has demonstrated to be an efficient and versatile option for the water supply to buildings and to facilities.


Within our division of Water Treatment, it offers diverse residential and commercial products to him, since we handled the best marks of the market.


Surf in our site and chooses in our catalogue of pumps


Offer an agile service to him. It will take only a pair him from minutes to send the information to us necessary to be able to help to select to the pump or equipment him of appropriate pumping but on the basis of his requirements


We offer our products along with, engineering, experience, consultant's office, revision and solution of the problems most common in a hydraulic installation.


Know the details Engineering of the equipment that we distributed.

We have the amplest range of the market in Pumps and Equipment.
For domestic and Industrial use
in Marks such as:

Pedrollo Espa Goulds Franklin Grundfos Jacuzzi Barnes

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